The committee is pleased to partner with the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services in promoting the bureaucracies Ash Residue in Morwell Roof Cavities Project.The committee encourages all interested community members to engage in the project. 

Please read our media release which summarises the committees partnership with the Victorian Government, purpose of, expression of interest for and information on how to get involved in this project; Ash Residue in Morwell Roof Cavities project

Here you will find a factsheet that expounds the details of the project and is the first community update; FACTSHEET-Ash residue-in-Morwell-roof- cavities-project-community-update-1-July-2016

Here you will find  information for householders pertaining to hazards in roof cavities; hazards in roof cavities April 2016 – pdf

Here you will find information about volunteering a roof cavity for testing; Ash-residue-in-Morwell-roof-cavities-project-testing-information-July-2016

Here you will find the registration form for the project; FORM-Ash-residue-in-Morwell-roof-cavities-project-registration-form-June-2016